Peach Pie

~Peach Pie~

Peach Blossom

When I make dessert I like to prepare individual size, because it is easy to serve and everyone can have their very own!!!

“Semi-Homemade Cooking” hosted by Sandra Lee on Food Network is one of my favorite shows because we all have very busy schedules and sometimes it takes a long time to make everything from scratch. Therefore, once in a while, I like to use store bought products in my baking. Today, I am using Phillsbury Biscuits~


Instead of baking them as biscuits let’s be more creative? I always love to experiment in my kitchen because I never know what I might discover!! I like using fruit because it makes me feel good that I am eating something healthy.

I look around my kitchen and found a few peaches. OK, let’s make peach pies!

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Mini Vanilla Cupcakes

~Mini Vanilla Cupcakes~

Mini Vanilla Cupcakes

Why do I bake? Look at this adorable face~ He is one of my motivations! Let me introduce you to my nephew, Lucas! Lucas is 3 years old. He is quite a character. He is a very outgoing boy and always has a big smile on his face, just like me. :D  We have something in common… we both LOVE LOVE LOVE sweets!!

Baking for loved ones is so precious. Watching them eat my food…. PRICELESS!

Lucas and Me

I love baking cupcakes, especially mini cupcakes. Cute and bite size – barely feeling guilty when eating one or maybe two. Also, it is super easy for a beginner baker like me. Come on, they are just butter, sugar, flour and milk. Not that intimidating, right? If you are new to baking give this recipe a try! It might boost your baking confidence… it did for me!

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“I LOVE FOOD COMA” is officially launched!!!

I Love Food Coma

“I Love Food Coma” food blog is officially launched today (6/6/2014)! Chinese people take Six (六) as a fortunate number because the number 6 in Mandarin is pronounced similar to “flow” so it means everything is going smoothly. There is a proverb among Chinese folks: “六六大顺” (Liu Liu Da Shun), meaning “All the best!”. I couldn’t pick a better date to launch my food blog~

Never in a million years would I have imagined that I would be writing a blog! I hate “writing” but boy do I LOVE to eat, cook and take food pictures ~ I truly believe that pictures speak a thousand words so here you will see LESS WRITING and MORE FOOD PICTURES….sound good? Good. Let’s get started!!

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Trust me, there will be tons of FOOD & EATING here!!!

Are you ready for some FOOD COMA??? I AM!!!